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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The New Cover Design


By now I'm sure I won't have to change the cover design of "The Remix of Orchid" once again. The previous one I fashioned is available at my ealier blog. When I created it I had liked it. Building text patches even for the cover itslf was an idea that had appealed me then. I had made around a dozen of colour combinations, shown them to my family and had almost decided. But as I came closer to the actual completion of the project, I started to feel a little uncertain: will my readers like it? Will they not ask the question: Who's that author who couldn't have patience enough to wait till the page number one to start presenting his text?

That was the time I came across Dorothy's image. I liked it. It was a picture that matched the title of my book. So I decided to use it, of course with the permission of the owner of the image. And here I post the first draft of the design I've made out of it.



A. N. Nanda




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