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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Back Page


Designing a proper cover page for a book does not mean chosing a front page only; it means, rather, adding a back page to the jacket which describes the book at a glance. In a way it is a holder of publisher's blurb, a palce to write what all has been told in praise of the book.

Definitely, the purpose should not be to misguide readers. There lies the honesty. Readers are surely more intelligent than a salesman-like author or an unscruplous publisher and they can quickly understand the trick if the back of a book is full of trash.

I understand one thing from the beginnig: readers not only read the books; they read through them.

That said, let me paste here a quick design of the back page of "The Remix of Orchid".



A. N. Nanda





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