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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Picture Speaks Hundred Words?

Does a picture speak a hundred words? Not always. At least if I consider the result of what I posted in this blog yesterday.

While I posted the image of the back page of my book under print, I thought it will be clear and clarify the hundred words I spoke before it. But what came out was a very hazy thing, totally ineffective.

So let me post it again, not the repeat of the same image but the text embedded onto it. In fact, the image assembles a couple of paragraphs inside two boxes. They can be as well posted as text here.

The Andamans…everything is so different here! Its ancient desolation, its splendid anonymity, its inscrutable resignation—all make it sweet and invulnerable. Its difference yields stories for itself. One day a peculiar belief sets in: something is in the making here despite all the semblance of immutability. Writing stories for it then becomes an act of clairvoyance, inspiration, spontaneity, and thrill—it becomes an act of abiding faith. Events get inspired to happen. Interesting, isn’t it?

The stories from the Andamans you always wanted to read but had none to tell you, about mid-sea romance and woes, struggle and victory, life and death and thereafter…
‘The Remix of Orchid’ is the maiden work of prose of Nanda. He has chosen, very intelligently, a theme that few attempt. The Andamans is a place that everybody wants to visit, at least once in a lifetime. It’s a lovely place and people would definitely like to read about it. And I can say this to those who love books: your choice of reading a book on the Andamans should start right here. With ‘The Remix of Orchid’ you will not be disappointed.
-----Ruskin Bond
A. N. Nanda


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