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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Now, Not Me

Elusive, that is what I decided to call it at last.

And it all began with an e-mail response from agency on 11-05-2006. I was late by a day to open my Inbox. The exact reproduction of the mail is the following:

Dear Mr. Nanda,

BD Barker has given me your submission for review. Are you available for a phone conversation with us Thursday May 12th 11:30 am est? Please reply with the appropriate telephone number.

Thank You,

Tony Frothingham
VP Acquisitions
Wilson Devereux Company

It took me around a couple of years to find out an agency that, after reading my submission, could come forward and offer to talk to me. Yes, the story I submitted was "The Remix of Orchid", one of the twenty-one short stories I'm going to include in the forthcoming volume. I was then naturally happy, finding the stature of the agency that finally found some worth in my submission.

But what to do? I was late by a day. I wrote e-mails, not one nor two, but a few of them in a series, requesting the Mr Frothingham to give another appointment. There was no reply.

Honestly speaking, it took me time to convert the timing (11:30 est) to its Indian Standard Time equivalent and I could come to know that the place is 9 hrs 30 mts behind India's time. So, for Tony's 11:30 AM, my time should have bee (11:30 + 9hrs 30mts) 9:00 PM.

Nine in the evening could not be said a late hour; and I was ready to talk to somebody so important to my business and me at that time. Even I downloaded both the messenger services software from Yahoo and Windows and made my computer ready to talk to Tony and chat with him, but where was the reply from him?

Tut-tut, my carelessness in not opening my email inbox for a day cost me my chance to international publishing. Could anybody have been a worse student than me in Geography? I still wonder this, even to this day.
A. N. Nanda


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