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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Do It Once and Do It Again

The other day when I understood how one should calculate the checksum for the ISBN, I took it to be a great success of my self-learning effort. Then I went on to post a long-winded write-up in one of my earlier posts. But today I realize I was rather haste then. As usual I had missed to read a vital line in the text that handled the subject fairly extensively.

So, what was that crucial line I missed so casually?

It was regarding the changed shape of the ISBN from January 2007 onwards. From this crucial date, it should be of 13 digits, and not the 10-digit one as it used to be earlier.

Now the question was what do I do to get the 13-digit equivalent of my allotted ISBN for the book “The Remix of Orchid”? Yes, I had to talk to the ISBN allotting authority in India, the Librarian, Ram Mohun Roy Library. The lady who responded to my telephone gave me the website: There I would get help from the option ‘converter’. Precisely that helped. My ISBN number was promptly converted and flashed on the screen through the little pop-up window.

Now my new 13-digit ISBN will be as follows:

ISBN 978-81-7525-729-0

My work was not complete with this. The remaining part of the work was how to convert the new ISBN number into the barcode image. So where should I’ve gone if it was not the World Wide Web?

The site I went to locate freely downloadable software was this:

The software “Label Spirit Professional” has a lot of features, but it was also with a label editor. I got a label prepared. Then took the image to the MS-Paint by hitting the printscrn key. So here you are. The barcode image of the ISBN for “The Remix of Orchid” is ready.

But by now, I have finally done my cover design. It looks there is scope, still…. Now I will have to sit with that Photoshop professional to embed my ISBN barcode image at the back cover.
A. N. Nanda


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