The Remix of Orchid

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Saturday, May 26, 2007


With the release of the book, things are poised to look up. So far promotion had been a job singlehanded, but now press has started giving some help. I'm now going to mention a few such text or a link to help me memorizing.

The Telegraph, Calcutta carried a news story on its May 24 issue. Its caption was rather funny--"Snail mail boss pens fiction". Visit that following the link.

Here is the text of "The Statesman" Orissa Plus news story captioned "Andaman Coming Alive":

Bhubaneswar, May 23: Governor Rameshwar Thakur appreciated the creative endeavour of Mr A. N. Nanda, an Indian Postal Services officer and presently the postmaster general Berhampur, when he was presented with the author's latest book "The Remix of Orchid". Mr Nanda suggested to the Governor that frontline authors like Ruskin Bond be invited to Orissa so that they write about the state. He also stated that the characters in his collection of short stories "The Remix of Orchid" were taken from different parts of the country and all the twenty-one stories have been set in the Andamans.

The book of short stories is a mainlander's view of the Andamans and it draws the contrasts. For a goverment servant, the islands may even mean a punishment posting, attractive only for his leave travel air trip.

There are people on the mainland who still ask question "does my letter to Port Blair need any extra postage--like the ones we affix to letters abroad"? The book also depicts the author's indepth knowledge of the island, the wildlife poaching, the tranquility and the socio-religious tolerance of the place. It has romance, histrionics, suspense, ghost, longings, dreams, underwater flora and fauna.

I'm also expecting some review of my work in print media. They may take time and I should wait with my fingers crossed. Now is the time to concentrate on the distribution side. With my investment blocked in the shape of unsold copies of my book all these kudos will perhaps take time to sink in.


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