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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just a Few Days More

Want to have a copy of "The Remix of Orchid"? Mail to me at nanda underscore lit at hotmail dot com

Yesterday I had been to meet Shri Rameshwar Thakur, His Excellency the Governor of Orissa. I showed him a copy of "The Remix of Orchid" and it was a moment of pride for me when he appreciated my effort. It was encouraging and rewarding. I now propose to formally present the book to His Excellency and attract some media notice of it. But before that I've to get it formally released and I'm working towards that. It is expected to yield some result by a week or ten days. That's OK for me. My readers and I can wait that much of delay after having waited so much for one reason or the other.
A. N. Nanda

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  • hi mr. A.N. Nanda, I appreciate that you visited my little blog. Thanks for encouraging me. Since you're a writer, I must warn you that my grammar sux! I am not those with pro english. hehehe! I think that it is awesome to get your own book published. I want a copy!!!

    Oh, I just feel that I need to address you as Mr. cause you are more senior than me. Mummy taught me manners. :D

    By Blogger bubbly soda, at 2:21 AM  

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