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Monday, March 19, 2007

Revisiting my Place via Wikimapia

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Mr Bond's reading of "The Remix of Orchid" makes him feel that the work is the expression of the author's love of the place. Thank you, sir for your nice words of appreciation. This generated a kind of nostalgia in me. So I tried to visit that place, not physically but along the virtual course: the wikimapia and marked the place "ABERDEEN BAZAAR POST OFFICE". That's the place I stayed in Port Blair between 1995 1nd 1998 and witnessed the real sunrise every day; the holidaying mood of travellers converging at Marina Park, the serious sprinters along the beach road, the bikers coming out of the velodrome and racing towards Corbyn's Cove....

Here you are the map taken from

I've not visited the town after tsunami and hope the damage to my old place is not much.
A. N. Nanda






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