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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Blessed One


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I've been telling, nay bragging, about the nice words of foreword written for my book "The Remix of Orchid" by the master storyteller of India, Mr RUSKIN BOND. So, shouldn't I be posting what he has written about the book? Yes, it's in the interest of my book. Again, it will give a twist to the flow of my blog from a sulking posture to an encouraging stance.

So let me reproduce.


A. N. Nanda loves the place he writes about and it is this love that brings an extraordinary sense of purpose into otherwise ignoble characters and entities. His letterbox gains power to punish a debauchee; a crustacean helps the lovers to understand each other; a cow helps in dispensing justice; a patriotic ghost returns to earth to gain his salvation; and so on.

Nanda portrays the Andamans as a place where everything important and interesting happens—here players win the gold cup for hockey, writers slip into and come out of their blocks, where megabuck films are shot, a sex slave is rehabilitated and rescued from far Kuwait. Life is something to be loved here.

Nanda has his characters drawn from various parts of the mainland, all of them converging on the islands to make stories happen. It is yet another attempt to realize the meaning of the adage: there is unity in diversity. Nothing very political about it!

Nanda goes beyond the familiar, as he goes underwater to make a story happen. He does not just write stories; he makes them happen too! He goes beyond the narrowly rational.

Society changes, even in a place like Port Blair. The archetypical gives way to the possible. Even living is an art of the possibles. When a son fails to consign the ashes of his father to the Ganges, what alternative does he adopt? He just dumps them into the Bay of Bengal.

‘The Remix of Orchid’ is the maiden work of prose of Nanda. He has chosen, very intelligently, a theme that few attempt. The Andamans is a place that everybody wants to visit, at least once in a lifetime. It’s a lovely place and people would definitely like to read about it. And I can say this to those who love books: your choice of reading a book on the Andamans should start right here. With ‘The Remix of Orchid’ you will not be disappointed.

Ruskin Bond
Landour, Mussorie-248 179 11/1/07


A. N. Nanda

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  • I must congratulate you for making such courageous efforts. I loved what Mr. Bond has to say about your book. I can understand what you have gone through to write and promote this wonderful book. I would certainly love to read it. I'll get a copy when I visit Delhi the next time.
    Wish to see more of your works.
    Abhay K. Moscow

    By Blogger abhay k, at 1:47 PM  

  • Hey Abhay, it's so very encouraging to read your comments. Thanks a load!

    By Blogger A_N_Nanda, at 8:32 AM  

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