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Friday, March 23, 2007

A Suitable Boy

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I promote myself writing a book; I promote the book writing a blog; I promote the blog writing SPAMs—is there an end to such promotion spree? Honestly, there could be no end to this when means of promotion itself needs to be promoted so doggedly!

I’ve a joke to share here. It’s a joke intended to blend writing with selling, something I should need now badly. The joke goes like this:

A writer is at his wits’ end, not knowing how to sell the unsold books. (Obviously he is one like me who has chosen the self-publication route.)

But one day he did something and all his books were sold out.


He gave an ad in the matrimonial column. Yes, of all places he chose a matrimonial column to sell his book:

"Match needed for a successful software professional in a Fortune 500 company earning 10k plus and settled in the States with a permanent visa. The girl need not be an extraordinarily beautiful one; she may not be even highly educated; but she should have all the qualities of an Indian women, qualities that are beautifully portrayed in Shalini, the leading lady of the novel ‘I’m For U, Darling’ by Sam Sunder.”

No wonder “I’m For U, Darling” became a blockbuster overnight.

A. N. Nanda




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