The Remix of Orchid

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Friday, April 13, 2007

To Showcase

For a copy of "The Remix of Orchid" please mail to me at [nanda underscore lit at hotmail dot com]
Finally, the printer could deliver the first consignment of five copies of "The Remix Of Orchid". It took the establishment a 70-day long processing time to come up with something good and presentable. When I had enquired about the delivery schedule at the time of handing over the material, I was given a cryptic reply: 'It should take only four days to print a book of 350 pages and whatever time it should take at the page layout and cover design stage is extra. Plus a week's time for binding.'

So, it took time, substantially more than I had imagined. But the result is stunning. I'm going to post here a couple of images to showcase the result. Let the pictures speak a thousand words!

One more pic to upload, please.

A. N. Nanda



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