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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Not always muse-driven I am. I've my share of superstition too. Say about a dream I had a week back. It was something like this…if I recollect the contents well.

Venue of occurrence: not known. Time: possibly the morning hours. There was a high-rise building and I had gone up to its top floor. It might be a godown…or possibly a post office, or something as cluttered as that. Nobody was with me but I was aware that some people were just around. I had not taken the lift to reach there and had climbed all the way taking the stairs. Having gone there I looked down and my goggles fell off-yes, I was wearing a pair of black goggles. The object went away from my sight quite rapidly, bobbing up and down the stairs; and for a moment I could not decide what to do. Then suddenly I came to the ground. I cannot recollect precisely if I had taken the lift route. Reaching the ground floor I could retrieve my lost pair of goggles. Wow! It was intact!!

I don't know if interpreting a dream of this nature could be always correct, yet I feel I should try it now.

For sometime in the past, I've been considering if I should go for a reprint of "The Remix of Orchid". The stock is rapidly getting exhausted and I've not yet got any big orders. I'm expecting a few such orders from the libraries and the distributors. If I get them, I might need to reprint. Or else how do I supply them?

This means again some investment, some risk and some chase of the difficult people responsible to give me BIG orders. Is it possible? I feel shaky. Business is not my cup of tea. Whatever small leisure I get, I invest in reading, browsing, and creative writing. And if I go into book business so much, I'll not be able to write much. Then, how do I write my next book "The Roadshow" I've promised my readers?

Confused mind is dream's workshop-what more can I interpret for the present?

A. N. Nanda


  • Dreams are definitely interesting and interpretation is always fun. I think the climb to the top floor--the hard way, not be elevator--should also be considered. Nothing worth having is had without sacrifice and it sounds like you've put a lot of heart and soul into your book. Best of luck to you. Erin Grady

    By Blogger Erin Grady, at 7:49 AM  

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