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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hot Cakes---An Exchange of Love

The area I live in has a baker's outlet known as "The Cake Shop". It's a shop frequented by people who don't mind spending money on cold drinks, ice-creams, fast food. For birthday cakes, one can visit the shop, for it charges reasonably, delivers in time with a guarantee of full satisfaction.

Only yesterday I gave the shopkeeper an idea:

"Would you mind displaying my books and selling them?"

"Oh yes," I was surprised to get the response. Of all places, my book should be displayed in a baker's corner!

And today I took only two books, quite hesitatingly, repenting for the impromptu request I made yesterday. But as I entered his shop, there was a shopper who saw the book in my hand. He looked at it wistfully--believe me for honesty's sake--he did that wistfully at the attractive cover page of my book! Curious as he was, he asked--or rather the shopkeeper indicated and the shopper responded almost simultaneously--and I said that the book was on sale.

Then promptly he paid Rs. 250.00 and bought a copy of it. I asked if he was an avid reader and he replied in negative. He said that his wife loves to read and he wanted to present the book to his wife.

I didn't return empty-handed. My customer bought the book for the sake of love and I must emulate him. I spent the entire amount on a few packs of cookies, Amul cheese and Top Raman noodles that my sons would love to munch at this afternoon.
A. N. Nanda


  • hello there, A.N. Nanda... Thanks for the compliment on my poem. I am interested on the book. I shall get it when I am not so broke. As a student I don't have much money... so saving in progress! It's been an honour to have you comment on my work. thanks!

    By Blogger bubbly soda, at 8:33 PM  

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