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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Melly's Fascinating Feedback

Melly, as I call her, is a girl of immense talent and profound grasp of things that make life distinct but not drab. Her poems bear testimony to her sensitiveness. Quite often, they have afforded me moments of creative impulse. She is the most beautiful reward that my blogging experience has given me. Her respect for my age made her address me as “Uncle” and I have conveyed my readiness to be addressed as she likes and is comfortable with. “The Remix of Orchid” did not grumble about the distance as I sent a copy to her and her feedback about the book is here.


It is my first time receiving an autographed book or rather my first autographed item. What is it? Obviously the book entitled "The Remix of Orchid" by A.N. Nanda, a writer from India who is very passionate about his work and gladly shares his work with people around the globe. This explains his generosity by delivering his book all the way from India to me, bearing all the cost of delivery himself. As I call him by the title uncle, it shows my respect for him as a writer and a friend in writing, though I am way far behind from where he stands.

The Remix of Orchid is a collection of short stories closely related to the Andamans. One thing that I really like about his stories is that they are not merely fictional as we can relate the stories with our daily life. It is something that we went, going or have seen others going through.

His stories not only make its reader, in this case - myself, pause and take a moment of thought for my life but it feeds the hunger for a good read.

A book that winds the mind of its reader and drive them to reflection is what I call, 'The Power'. How often do you get something short yet leaves a deep feeling in your heart? Quite few to be frank. Yet in this book, you get many shorts with the compliment of deep impactS. What else could you call this but 'The Golden Power'?

Now, this is why I call him Uncle Nanda.

May your book reach out to more and the blessing of writing continue to be with you. This one is for you Uncle Nanda!
A. N. Nanda


  • Thats too good Uncle and I am proud to say that I also hails from the state and country to which you also belong. The power of LOVE is the greatest weapon to win friends and enemies. I pray that your book reaches to more such people across the globe.

    By Blogger Deepak Panigrahy, at 9:16 PM  

  • hi uncle, thanks for the praises, i don't feel that i deserve so much praises as I am still far behind when it comes to writing. however, your words encourages me. thanks!

    By Blogger bubbly soda, at 6:14 AM  

  • i am sure the remix of orchids will be wonderful to read and i am looking forward to it :)
    more so because i have been to the andamans and the islands have left an impression on my mind that i shall cherish forever

    By Blogger AmiDA, at 11:14 AM  

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