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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thank U Blogger

For a copy of "The Remix of Orchid" with the author's signature mail directly to and if you are in the US go to the portal here for viewing SNEAK-A-PEAK and online buying.

Your spam-prevention robot crawled over to my blog and warned you about the spam activities at my blog. You blocked my blog for the last three days and inspected it. Finally you cleared it for blogging activities. Thank u.

I must reiterate here that my blog "The Remix of Orchid" is not for any spamming activity. Like all other rule-abiding bloggers, I post a topic here, invite comments, read others' contents and leave my comments over there. This cannot be spamming in any sense of the term. You have rightly unblocked it for further posting. Thanks.

This blog has been created with a purpose: When nobody comes forward to help a new writer, he looks towards his confidence, gathers his guts. "The Remix of Orchid" started with this confidence. Since May 2007, altogether 870 copies have been distributed, some for sale and some as complimentary copies. Some netizens have directly ordered for this book. A friendly website has carried a review of my book and others are going to do that. People have come here and encouraged me with their valuable comments. Everything encouraging has happened to this book. And this blog has carried a running account of my trials and tribulations and my joy and satisfaction as a self-published author. Thank you blogger for giving this wonderful platform free of cost.

There is no commercial activities here. No ad, no nothing. So where is the need for spamming. You have realised this actually examining my blog. Thank U blogger.

A. N. Nanda


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