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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nice Words from an Empathetic Reader

In my previous post I was clearly griping about people writing to me for free copies of my book. Especially, I gave a clear hint that such letters as I received should have contained something about my literary effort. Lo and behold, here is a communication I received from One Dr Dharanidhar Sahu, Professor, Department of English, Berhampur University. It's way too encouraging, I must say. Thank you professor, you made my day.

Dear Mr. Nanda

I got your book "The Remix of Orchid" from our postmaster. I read Mr Bond's foreword, your preface, "Out of Her Block" and the eponymous story, the last one. I shall read the entire book when I buy one to facilitate, though in a meagre scale, your family trip to Mussorie. You write with a poet's flair and your language matches your enthusiasm. By planting your persona on fictional characters, you have turned happenings into stories of a different kind. That was a fine strategy of distancing. Thank you very much for giving me some aesthetic pleasure and encouraging me to visit Andamans to see the things you have seen.

Yours admiringly,
Dharanidhar Sahu.
A. N. Nanda


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